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There is No Eye
by John Cohen
Softcover - $29.95

Excerpt by Greil Marcus
Famed musician John Cohen’s vision transcends history even as it distills the spirit of a period and a place, be it the Peruvian Andes, Kentucky bluegrass country, the Gospel churches of Brooklyn, the streets of New Haven, or the Beat Generations’ Greenwich Village. There Is No Eye, Cohen’s first monograph culled from his lifetime of experience and travels, is a guided tour of the intersecting worlds of Andean textile makers, seminal artists, and poets such as Robert Frank, Red Grooms, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and more with renowned American Roots and Blues musicians Roscoe Holcomb, Doc Watson, Muddy Waters, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, The Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, and Bob Dylan, among others.


Growing Season
by Gary Harwood and David Hassler
Hardcover - $24.95

Excerpt from Introduction
When photographer Gary Harwood first received permission to photograph the migrant workers at the K. W. Zellers and Son, Inc., family farm in Hartville, Ohio, during the summer of 2001, he anticipated that he would be documenting hardship. Migrant workers continually face difficult conditions while trying to support themselves and their families. Farm work is physical, hot, and dirty. The days in the fields are long and exhausting. Growers can be brutal employers, and there is no shortage of documented cases of terrible living and working conditions.

In Hartville, however, Gary found a different story.


Stark Arthology
Edited by Jessica Bennett
Hardcover - $29.95

The mark of universally great work is substance. Sheer, thought-provoking substance. Stark ARThology is a visual call-to-arms for the artists of Stark County, Ohio, and the result is a substantive, explosive exhibition bound in paper.

For the first time in one anthology come 69 of Northeast Ohio’s most talented, eclectic and diverse artists, showcased through their work, their words and provocatively austere portraiture.