The Saxton Collection

Prominent Acquisitions

W. Eugene Smith is best known for his iconic cultural portraits portrayed as extensive photo-essays. One of his last great exposés was that of mercury poisoning in Minamata, Japan. Smith and his wife lived in Minamata from 1971-1973 and documented the disease extensively. After a severe beating by employees from the Chisso chemical factory, Smith published one of his most famous works: Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath, 1971. We are thrilled to have acquired this piece and are proud to have it in the Saxton collection.

Steve McCurry - ‘Boy in Mid-Flight, Jodhpur, India, 2007’
Print #1 from this limited edition series that also serves as the cover image from Steve’s latest title ‘The Unguarded Moment’. View...

Sally Mann - ‘Dog Scratches, 1991’
A historically difficult photographer to buy, Sally Mann produces precious few prints of her work. View...

Diane Arbus - ‘Electra Editrice' Portfolio
An eclectic collection of one of history’s most beloved female photographers. 


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