Our Collection

Featuring the iconic and the emergent alike:

These icons of photography have helped shape the landscape of the medium. The collection at the Joseph Saxton Gallery includes works by master photographers which are on view daily.


Why photography? Why Now?

Whether you are an avid collector, or considering your first piece, you will find what you need at the Saxton Gallery. We have works available to meet every budget. You can expect professional and courteous service from the Gallary staff. 

Collecting world-class photography can be a lucrative endeavor. Consider the following: the world art market has been growing at a quantum rate, with the advent of internet trading and international buying. As artwork is sold and traded, it appreciates, making it an aggressive asset. As a case study, an acquisition by Steve McCurry, titled 'Boy in Mid-Flight', has more than quadrupled in value. While this is a particularly successful example, any photograph purchased wisely, will appreciate.