New Works by Aimee Lambes (July 6th through September 1, 2018)

See the photographic works of Aimee Lambes—artist,

loner and explorer, in her new show Afterwards.

Embarking on one last adventure with her son before

he leaves for college, the pair visit deserted towns and

quiet landscapes.  These destinations mysteriously seem

to reflect the feeling of emotional abandonment she is

facing, as the mother in an empty nest.



During their travels, Lambes and her son venture from

Northeast Ohio to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.  Early

in the trip, Lambes notices that all of the images she is

creating are in locations void of humans. Is her mood

drawing her to these types of places? Whatever be the

case, she decides to make it the theme of the project.



These photographs evoke a kind of solitude, even

loneliness. Pieces included in the exhibit show a

desolate fishing boat dock, a quiet waterfront town

and empty lobster traps. Through this journey,

she is able to work out her feelings of abandonment.




In her daily life, Aimee Lambes creates contemporary-style portraits and photographs weddings. Visit her website, at