A Group Exhibition

Enviro-Art is a

collaborative exhibit involving

multiple artists whose purpose

is to promote environmental and ecological

awareness. The show includes works

by artists of different disciplines including

photography, painting, drawing and

mixed media.



The featured artist in this exhibit is Raisa Foster, of Art-Eco. Her

background is multifaceted, having roots in not only art and dance,

but research and education as well. Through funding by the Kone

Foundation for Art-Eco, five academic events, two art festivals,

eight peer-reviewed articles and twenty

conferences have been organized.

Foster focuses on how to rectify environmental disasters,

animal abuse and racist and sexist crimes. Her aim is to "...challenge...

'normalized pathologies' of our modern society and furthermore imagine 'what

else could be'". She believes it is crucial for humans to understand their interdependence

with not only other humans, but animals and our ecosystems as well. It is only

through the celebration of our diversity and through respect, that we can

be responsible humans. "At the end, I want to emphasize the

importance of multidisciplinary and multi-sensory

practices in rethinking education towards

(a) sustainable future."

Additional contributing artists include Erin Mulligan,

Heather Bullach, Tyler D. Dalton, Ariana Parry and others.

The show runs June 1st through June 30, 2018. It is sponsored by

the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography and ArtsInStark.