Archival Framing

with the Joseph Saxton Gallery's Signature Moulding

Looking for a clean, professional enclosure for your prized artwork? Take advantage of our expertise and experience; we've already spent the time sourcing the best in archival matting, mounting, framing and glazing for you! We use only 100% acid-free mat board, Museum Glass™ (the clearest and most archival glazing in the world) or Conservation Glass™ and our own signature moulding (custom cut and hand finished with Italian veneer). Even our tapes, foam, and backing paper are fully buffered and museum grade; the only corners cut here are those in our mats.

No, these won't be the least expensive, however, they will be the absolute highest quality, with an aestethic that is nearly impossible to surpass. If your work deserves the best, bring it to us!


Framing Options






Archival Matting $25 $40 $75 $125 $140
Full Enclosure with Museum Glass +$100 +$150 +$200 +250 +$400

* Please note we only offer our signature moulding in three colors: oak burl, walnut burl, and mahogany
** For more framing options please visit our friends at
Cyrus Custom Framing
*** Small moulding profile used up to 20x24; larger profile used for 24x30 and 32x40.